Gluten Free Recipes You Need to Try

This week I experimented a bit with some gluten free recipes I found online. Two recipes I tried were especially good, they belong in a gluten free cookbook or something!!

Gluten free bread is one of the more expensive gluten free products, so I decided to try making bread rather than breaking the bank. This Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread recipe from King Arthur Flour was a major success!!! This bread can be made using an oven, as the recipe suggests, or using a bread making machine, which I used. The bread was very easy to make and was a big hit at my house. Unlike most gluten-free bread, this bread doesn’t have the bland, rice flavored taste. If you have a bread making machine at home, you can follow these tips form King Arthur Flour on how to make this bread using a bread machine. If you want me to do a more in depth post on how to make gluten-free bread using a bread machine tell me in the comments or on any of my social media platforms.

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The second recipe I made was gluten free snicker doodles in order to satisfy my sweet tooth earlier this week. I received a lot of complements from this Gluten-Free Snicker Doodle recipe from Serious Eats, in fact I think it is officially going to be one of my go to sweet tooth recipes. These cookies were super easy to make and only took around 10 minutes to prep and 10 minutes to bake! When they come out after ten minutes, they have a soft inside, however you can always add a bit more time if you want them to bake all the way through. My only complaint about this recipe is that mine turned out a bit more dome shaped than I would have liked, rather than the disc shape most cookies are supposed to look like. However, the cookies may have turned out as such due to my own user error rather than being a problem with the recipe. Other than that, I think this recipe is amazing and should be a staple in every gluten-free kitchen.

Being gluten-free can be a challenge, especially trying to find recipes that actually work out and taste good. Both the bread and snicker doodle recipe were huge successes in my house and hopefully they will be in your house too!! If you have any suggestions on more recipes I should try please leave them in the comments. Also, check out my Pinterest in order to see other gluten free recipes that I have tried and think are worthy of your time and taste buds!


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