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Hello lovelies! Winter is upon us and with the changing of the season comes chapped lips, cold temperatures, and more! Here’s a list of my winter essentials to get you through the coldest season of the year!



Keeping warm in the rain or snow is very important during winter. Your first line of defense against decreasing temperatures and increased precipitation has to do with what you wear.

Rain Shell

A rain shell is perfect for keeping you dry in the rain. You can easily put it on over a sweatshirt to keep you both dry and warm during the winter. Make sure to keep all the pockets closed so that the water doesn’t seep into the clothing under the jacket.


I LOVE sweaters, they are easily one of my favorite things to wear during the winter! They not only keep you warm and cozy, but are also super cute and can be worn for almost every occasion. You can dress sweaters up with some jewelry or a scarf, or you just leave them as is for everyday wear!


Scarfs are another staple of mine! As stated earlier, they can easily be paired with a sweater or you can just wear one with a crew neck sweatshirt to keep you warm. My favorite are infinity scarfs. If scarfs are not in your wardrobe yet, I highly recommend you buy one!


I’m not the biggest fan of wearing gloves, however I understand the importance of wearing them during windy, rainy/snowy, or simply cold weather.

Warm Socks

I love fuzzy socks and wool socks during this time of year since my feet are almost always freezing during the winter. Even if the rest of my body is warm, my feet are typically cold. If it is raining, I recommend wearing wool socks to keep your feet dry.

Hiking Boots

I recently added hiking boots to my wardrobe and absolutely love them! They are multipurpose shoes, not only can they be used for hiking, but they also can be worn on wet, rainy days to keep your feet dry. My feet are never cold or wet when I wear these boots.


Slippers are perfect for days when it is not raining or when you are just chilling at home all day. Like I said earlier, my feet are always cold, so slippers are important in my winter wardrobe.


While clothing choices are crucial during the winter, I have a few other items that are equally relevant in keeping you warm.

Cozy Blankets

I’m somebody who loves blankets. During the winter I will sleep with 2 or 3 blankets on, not including my comforter. Blankets are perfect to drape over yourself in almost every occasion, I even know people who will bring blankets with them to school in case they get cold. If you are in need of a last minute gift for someone, a blanket is the way to go! Let me know if you want a post on how to make a DIY blanket!

Tea/Hot Chocolate

Nothing starts or ends the day better than a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate. I’m personally a tea person, but when I’m in need of something sweet I will switch it out for hot chocolate.

Lip Balm

With cold weather comes annoying chapped lips. What better way to combat this nuisance than with a lip balm? My favorite is carmex because it not only treats my chapped lips, but makes my lips feel good. I highly recommend bringing some sort or lip balm with you everywhere you go.


I hope you find some of these items helpful in keeping you warm and comfortable during the winter. Do you have any winter essentials that I didn’t mention? If so I’d love for you to share them with me!


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