Lilac Pâtisserie Review

Hello lovelies! I have found another amazing gluten free bakery for you to try! In downtown Santa Barbara there is a little bakery/cafe called Lilac Pâtisserie, which is entirely gluten free! It is absolutely amazing! I can honestly say I have never had anything like it. Usually I can tell the difference between gluten free and non gluten free food, not here though! Not only do they serve sweet treats, but they also serve breakfast and lunch. Lilac Patisserie sells five different types of bread and rolls, including Brioche, Honey Oat (my favorite), Rosemary Olive, Rustic White, and Seven Grain. The bread and rolls can be bought online and shipped to you (check it out here). There cakes are absolutely amazing…suffice to say I would love for them to make my wedding cake someday! The chocolate raspberry mouse cake is amazing, if you have the chance you should try it out! Overall, I think this is hands down the best gluten free bakery/cafe I have tried yet! If you are in the Santa Barbara area, you NEED to stop by and try it out!

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If you want more information on Lilac Patisserie, check out their website here.

They also have various social media account which I have linked down below.

  • Check out their Instagram here.
  • Check out their Twitter here.
  • Check out their Facebook here.
  • Check out their Pinterest here.

I hope you enjoyed my review of this amazing gluten free bakery. If you have the chance you should check them out. Do you have any gluten free bakeries/restaurants I need to try? If so please share them with me!


Haven On Earth

As you may know, I am on a quest to find a gluten free bakery everywhere I go. While on a trip in Reno, Nevada, I stumbled across a gluten free bakery called Haven On Earth. With a name like that, how could I not go inside? It is one of the cutest little bakeries I have ever seen! The tables were cute, round tables with various shades of blue tiles on them. In the center was a display case containing various gluten free treats, such as donuts, éclairs, and so much more…yum! The best part about this place was that they offered a deli menu as well as sweet treats, all of which were gluten free!

 Although I did not eat lunch there, I did get a lemon donut, a strawberry donut, a cookie, a éclair, a pineapple upside down cake, and lastly sourdough bread. I must say, I was not too impressed with their donuts because they were not fluffy and flavorful like other gluten free donuts I have tried. I also did not enjoy the cookie, it was too hard and flavorless. The Éclair and pineapple upside down cake on the other hand were amazing1 I could not even tell they were gluten free, both were very light and fluffy! The bread was easily one hundred times better than the stuff you buy in the super marker! It is easily the best product they sell especially since it tastes even better than most regular bread! If I were you I’d check out this place just to try their bread! Haven on Earth also sells frozen meals that you can heat up at home, such as macaroni & cheese, take and bake pizza, take and bake lasagna, and so much more, however I did not get the chance to try any.

Overall, I think Haven On Earth is very hit or miss. If you do have a chance to stop by, I recommend you try their gluten free bread and maybe some of their pastries, just be careful which ones you choose.

Here is a link for their website if you’d like to check it out:


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Cate & Co.

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time finding good gluten free bread. Most companies I find at the store are too hard and flavorless. In addition, there just isn’t much variety of gluten free bread at my local supermarket. Well good news, I have found the answer to that annoying problem: Cate & Co.

Cate & Co. is a small gluten free bakery located in Napa, California. Not only do they sell a variety of different types of gluten free bread, such as sour dough and cinnamon raisin, but it is also the softest gluten free bread I have ever tried. That’s not all they sell though, their products also include cookies and baked goods as well. They make the best gluten free donut!

For all you people living too far away to drive to the bakery, Cate & Co. also sells online. Unfortunately the baked goods are only good for a day or two so they are only sold at the bakery itself, however they have a variety of products that can be bought online, including their breads. One intriguing aspect of buying online is their Bread Club in which each month a selection of three different types of breads is shipped to you for $37/month. Interesting, right?

Perhaps you are in the Napa area and would like to visit the bakery. The bakery itself serves several items that cannot be sold online, like those delicious gluten free donuts I was telling you about. They sell gluten free sandwiches as well making it a great place for lunch or dinner.

Here is a link to the Cate &Co. website if you are interested: